GLT dollies are well known for their low tare weight and ability to handle rough terrain. Each dolly is custom design to maximise payload potential in any trailer combination.

A standard GLT tri axle dolly will tare at 3.2 tonnes on air bag suspension. Each dolly is built to the same high standards as our trailer range, using the premium quality materials. All nuts, bolts and washers are stainless steel.

Select from a range of draw bar options including steps, handles and cover plates to decrease WHS risks. Materials used on the draw bar include aluminium or steel checker plate or heavy duty aluminium mesh.

All GLT dollies are laser wheel aligned prior to delivery. Both tandem and tri axle variations are available. Your dolly can be customised by selecting from a large range of options. See below for some of our most popular options.

Technical specs

Tandem axle

Axle Spread:8’1″ | 9’1″ | Custom
Tare Weight:2.6 tonnes

Tri axle

Axle Spread:8’1″ | 9’1″ | Custom
Tare Weight:3.3 tonnes

All our chassis are fabricated from 700-grade mechanical steel with quenched and tempered skid plates. Minor amounts of 350 and 250 grade steel are used for small profile gussets.

Every GLT dolly is custom designed using 3D modelling software and then laser cut. Draw bars can be built either on the diamond or flat.

All edges on flanges are sanded and polished to reduce the chances of cracking and to help paint adhere to the steel. Each dolly is fitted with our custom eyebrow extrusion which is tuff enough to fend off wildlife.


Select from with a standard road train type or a fixed gooseneck style. All dollies are available as a tandem or tri axle.


GLT trailers are designed to handle the harsh Australian conditions. The correct suspension and axle selection is one of the most important factors in the trailers’ ability to survive our unique roads.

GLT chassis are optimised for Hendrickson INTRAAX air bag suspension and Hendrickson axles. Other brands such as BPW, SAF and K-Hitch can also be equipped if requested. GLT is an authorised Hendrickson dealer which allows us to offer greater after-sales support.

Air bag suspension offers better ride quality, low tare weight and simplified ways of reading load weights. The prefered brands which we supply have passed our field testing protocol and have excellent after sales support. All trailers with air bag suspension are equipped with ball valve taps to isolate individual bags. These taps will allow you to shut off an air bag if it has an issue.

Mechanical spring suspension can be fitted to most GLT trailers. K-Hitch KHDO/KHU and FW88 are our preferred suspension models.


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