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GLT is committed to designing and manufacturing best-in-class, low-tare aluminium trailers. We stand by our trailers for its entire lifespan and beyond.

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Customised Trailer Range

When end-to-end trailer customisation is important, our specialised design and manufacturing process caters.

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Driving sustainability, leading the industry

As a trusted trailer manufacturer in Australia, GLT boldly leads the transportation industry in sustainability, addressing carbon emissions head-on. Unlike others, we don’t just offer fuel efficiency; we champion innovation and design engineering for tangible emission reduction.

Every GLT trailer is a testament to our mission – a fusion of performance, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to creating a greener, more sustainable future.

Future-focused, Australian-made trailers

Our vision extends beyond the present, shaping a future where your transportation needs are met with unparalleled flexibility and quality.

Choose from our fully-customised premium trailers or our scalable base-level trailer range, ideal for those seeking a lower-cost option without compromising excellence.

Each GLT trailer from end tippers, side tippers, PBS combinations, moving floor trailers, and race car transporters is designed and manufactured by our experienced team in Brisbane, Australia.