Core Tipper
Trailer Range

Simple, scalable tipper trailer solutions to help you get on the road sooner

Choosing from our Core Tipper Range gives you the same GLT quality commitment, with a much faster turnaround.

Designed and engineered to maximise weight and volume capacity for each trailer. Take advantage of their low tare weight, allowing you to carry more payload. Maximise your return on investment on every trip, ensuring efficiency in every kilometre.

Every trailer is designed to meet PBS and meet regulatory requirements for each state.

Less decision-making, faster turnarounds

Based on decades of experience refining our trailer designs, we have carefully selected a core range that boasts the most popular combinations and features. We’ve done the heavy lifting on the big decisions meaning less work for you.

Our versatile tipper trailers are ideal for primary producers, agricultural haulage, waste transportation, natural mining resources, civil works and more.

The Core Tipper Trailer range is developed so trailers can used together, or separately making it a truly scalable solution.

The GLT Core Tipper Trailer Range

Key features and benefits


Side Tipper - Lead/Tag Trailer

Start your Core Trailer Range with the Side Tipper Trailer.

The Side Tipper Trailer can be used on its own or be added to other core range trailers to make an A-Double or an AB-Triple combination.

Capacity: 40 – 42 cubic metres

Ideal for controlled, precise unloading and when height restrictions are a consideration factor. Save time by avoiding the need to un-couple when running multiple trailers. The side tipper trailer is designed to make it easier for you to move around in tight spaces and and into storage areas.

Fixed Lead Side Tipper Trailer

To create a B-double combination and an AB-Triple combination, this is the Side Tipper Trailer to achieve it. Giving you all the benefits of the lead Side Tipper Trailer, it is a trusted trailer that suits a wide range of needs.

Capacity: 28 cubic metres


Chassis End Tipper Trailer - Lead Trailer

This is the trailer to start your journey when seeking an end tipper. Utilising our drop-deck design, get more volume while achieving maximum stability. Add this trailer as a single and then add to it as your business grows.

Capacity: 50.7 cubic metres

The GLT Chassis Tipper, the lead trailer in our range, sets the standard for durability and functionality and delivers unmatched performance. This trailer is based on years of manufacturing expertise, is tried and tested, making it one of the most sought-after trailers in the industry.

Rollback Tipper Trailer

Choose the most versatile, lightest weight lead tipper trailer in the range. The Rollback Tipper Trailer can be used in combination to create a B-Double, B-Triple or in an AB-Triple trailer set.

Capacity: 30.5 cubic metres

Chassis Tipper - Tag Trailer

To round off your complete trailer set, the Chassis tri-axle end Tipper is a tag trailer with exceptional features including a dual tire carrier and bolt-in kingpin.

Capacity: 53.7 cubic metres


Tri Dolly Trailer

Built for versatile haulage needs to distribute weight over more axles, this tri axle connecting trailer is a strong and trusted solution.

Tandem Dolly Trailer

Our robust and reliable Tandem axle Dolly trailer is the connecting feature to create your trailer combination.

Key features of GLT Dolly Trailers

Flexible Solutions for Your Business

We understand the evolving needs of your fleet. Our Core Tipper Trailer range is a solution that grows with your business.

Whether you’re starting small or investing in your fleet, these are the most flexible, industry-leading available.

Choose from our most popular combinations, designed to cater to diverse needs. Find the perfect fit for your business and experience the GLT Trailers difference.