Want faster turnaround times between tipping? The GLT 26m RediTip B-Double is our most versatile high volume tipper unit. Stay in your cabin when using the RediTip with jack-knife tipping, electric tarps and air operated tailgates as standard kit.

The Tag unit uses our specially designed step down chassis, allowing you to carry greater volumes while maintaining a lower centre of gravity. Average tare weights for a grain spec 26m B-Double is 13.2 tonnes.

GLT RediTips use a standard chassis length which has been designed for water level loading. The lead trailer has a hydraulic door to allow it to swing clear before tipping. An accumulator is fitted so that return hydraulics are not needed to lower the door.

All GLT trailers are laser wheel aligned prior to delivery. GLT chassis tippers are available in tandem, tri or quad axle configurations. We have a large range of options to customise your new chassis tipper. See below for some of our most popular options.
Technical specs

19m B-double

Lead Length:23′ to 27’11”
Tag Length:13’1″ to 16’5″
Height:4′ to 8’4″
Capacity:31 to 83 cubic metres
Tare Weight:9 to 12.5 tonnes

26m B-double

Lead Length:33’8″ to 34’3″
Tag Length:22’2″ to 22’8″
Height:4′ to 8’6″‘
Capacity:50 to 125 cubic metres
Tare Weight:12.5 to 14 tonnes

All GLT aluminium bodies are fabricated from European sourced marine grade aluminium plate. Floor and wall sheet thicknesses can be customised to suit the application.

Each body is built on our exclusive extruded aluminium floor beams. The beams are specifically cambered to suit the body length. The process of welding the floor sheet to the beams and cambering the beams all happens simultaneously.
Top coamings are also an exclusive aluminium extrusion. These specialised extrusions increase the tub body strength while maintaining exceptional tare weight. All top coamings are either huck riveted or bolted with stainless steel bolts. This method of construction allows the coaming to flex and reduces the risk of cracking.
All trailers with a king pin position less then 900mm come standard with a Jost body lock. GLT bodies are designed to have the hoist feet mounted directly above the king pin to increase strength and stability while tipping. Bodies with upright hoists need the body lock to help hold the body in position while traveling.
Fronius machines are used to create superior welds on all aluminium sections.

Body type options include

Straight Body – This standard body type is a strong, cost effective and a light weight option. Choose from two body widths: Narrow – 2,330mm or Wide (standard) – 2,480mm.

Side wall options include

Plate – 4mm to 12mm thickness.Choose from either mill finish, mill bright (polished), painted or vinyl.

Standard Lower Curve – The GLT lower curve is an exclusive extrusion. The side sheet and floor sheet slot into the extrusion before they are hand welded into place.

Pressed Sides – GLT can remove the lower curve and press the side sheet to meet the floor sheet. This will reduce the tare weight by around 70kg. It also increases the strength of the tubs making it an ideal option for carrying liquid based goods.

Plank – GLT custom extruded planks. These are ideal for maximum height bodies as they reduce the amount of side wall bulge. This option will increase the trailer tare weight by around 80kg depending on length and height.

Front sheet options include

Standard Flat Front Sheet – This is our standard front sheet which is 5mm thick with a polished finish. Other thicknesses and finishes are available.

Rounded Front Sheet – This option is ideal for carrying liquid based products. The front sheet is specially rolled before being welded into the place. As liquids move forward when decelerating, the shape of the front sheet reduces the liquid’s impact. We recommend a thickness of 6mm to add stiffness to the front sheet which reduces fatigue.


All our chassis are fabricated from 700 grade mechanical steel with quenched and tempered skid plates. Minor amounts of 350 and 250 grade steel are used for small profile gussets. Each chassis is 3D modelled and laser cut.

The RediTip lead chassis utilises 2 over slung and 1 under slung axles to reduce tare weight. This also allows us to use a Kompensator turntable to reduce mechanical stress on the tag draw arms. Less stress on the draw arms means we can make them lighter. All Kompensators come with an auto grease system fitted as standard.

The tag chassis has a 350mm lower beam height that increases your volume without sacrificing tare weight or strength. Over slung axles are also used to reduce the trailer tare weight. All edges on flanges are sanded and polished to reduce the chances of cracking and to help paint adhere to the steel.

Our pivots use a superior through design which greatly increases the strength of the pivot area. A 50mm pivot pin is slotted through a welded connection, making it exceptional strong.

The lead and tag chassis can be protected from jack knife collisions by optioning the WABCO EBS system with jack knife sensors. If not spec’d with the EBS system then a micro switch with warning lights is installed as standard.


GLT trailers are designed to handle the harsh Australian conditions. The correct suspension and axle selection is one of the most important factors in the trailers’ ability to survive our unique roads.

GLT chassis are optimised for Hendrickson INTRAAX air bag suspension and Hendrickson axles. Other brands such as BPW, SAF and K-Hitch can also be equipped if requested. GLT is an authorised Hendrickson dealer which allows us to offer greater after-sales support.

Air bag suspension offers better ride quality, low tare weight and simplified ways of reading load weights. The prefered brands which we supply have passed our field testing protocol and have excellent after sales support. All trailers with air bag suspension are equipped with ball valve taps to isolate individual bags. These taps will allow you to shut off an air bag if it has an issue.

Mechanical spring suspension can be fitted to most GLT trailers. K-Hitch KHDO/KHU and FW88 are our preferred suspension models.


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