Side tipper


Need a side tipper designed to suit your needs? GLT side tippers can be built to handle products ranging from sand through to iron ore.

A standard coal spec 26m B-Double side tipper with 10mm aluminium floors will tare in at around 14 tonnes. Hydraulic phasing cylinders are used on both the tub and doors. Tipping cycle times can be less than 30 seconds per trailer depending on the truck hydraulics.

The highest quality parts are sourced to manufacture each GLT unit. All nuts, bolts and washers are stainless steel. Hydraulic, electrical and air lines are well protected within the chassis. Every trailer is professionally detailed before it is delivered to the customer.

All GLT trailers are laser wheel aligned prior to delivery. GLT side tippers are available in tandem, tri or quad axle configurations. We have a large range of options to customise your new side tipper. See below for some of our most popular options.

Technical specs

Lead trailer

Lead Length:18’8″ to 28′
Height:4′ to 8’6″
Capacity:24 to 53 cubic metres
Tare Weight:5.8 to 7.6 tonnes

Tag trailer

Length:27’11” to 34′
Height:4′ to 8’6″‘
Capacity:25 to 65 cubic metres
Tare Weight:6.2 to 7.6 tonnes

All GLT aluminium bodies are fabricated from European sourced marine grade aluminium plate. Steel bodies are fabricated from SAAB steel products. Floor, wall and door sheet thicknesses can be customised to suit the application.

GLT door side tippers use our custom composite seal with spherical bearing pivot hinge. This spec gives the trailer the ability to haul products such as mineral sand without any leaks.

Bowl style bodies are the other option we offer. Plate is rolled and pressed to suit your design requirements. The rounded sides are strong and reduce the chances of contamination build up.

End sheets are a standard flat design while the side sheet uses a pressed lower curve. The pressed lower curve increases strength and rigidity in the side wall.

Aluminium floor beams and top coamings are an exclusive extrusion belonging to GLT. These specialised extrusions add to the strength and weight savings to all GLT trailers.


All our chassis are 700 grade mechanical steel with quenched and tempered skid plates. Minor amounts 350 and 250 grade steel small profiles are used for gussets.

Each chassis is 3D modelled and laser cut. All steel work is hand welded using Miller digital pulse machines by our highly skilled tradesmen.

The tipping pivots utilise a multi-link floating design which takes stress off the chassis and tub bodies. Special nylon pads are used where the body rests on the chassis.

All edges on flanges are sanded and polished to reduce the chances of cracking and to help paint adhere to the steel.


GLT chassis are optimised for Hendrickson Intraax airbag suspension and axles. Other brands such as BPW, SAF and K-Hitch can be optioned. Subtle design changes are made to the chassis to accommodate these different suspension brands ride characteristics.


GLT trailers are designed to handle the harsh Australian conditions. The correct suspension and axle selection is one of the most important factors in the trailers’ ability to survive our unique roads.

GLT chassis are optimised for Hendrickson INTRAAX air bag suspension and Hendrickson axles. Other brands such as BPW, SAF and K-Hitch can also be equipped if requested. GLT is an authorised Hendrickson dealer which allows us to offer greater after-sales support.

Air bag suspension offers better ride quality, low tare weight and simplified ways of reading load weights. The prefered brands which we supply have passed our field testing protocol and have excellent after sales support. All trailers with air bag suspension are equipped with ball valve taps to isolate individual bags. These taps will allow you to shut off an air bag if it has an issue.

Mechanical spring suspension can be fitted to most GLT trailers. K-Hitch KHDO/KHU and FW88 are our preferred suspension models.


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