Asphalt spec truck body


Low maintenance, low tare weight, and fast discharging. The new GLT Asphalt spec moving floor made its first appearance at the 2019 Brisbane Truck show. This unit has been developed as an alternative to the higher maintenance belt drive trailers.

Each body is designed to suit your particular model of truck. Length, height, and width are all customised to achieve your payload goals. Side walls are fabricated from insulated aluminium planks with 5mm aluminium wear plate.

A Keith V-Floor system with hardox high impact floor planks is spec’d as standard. This floor system can handle the heat and the abrasive nature of hot asphalt. The floor system also allows you to backload high impact products, giving you increased versatility.

Each truck body comes equipped with a hydraulic Keith V-Sweep head board which practically eliminates contamination within the body.

Technical specs

Truck body

Length:21’4″ to 29′
Height:3’9 to 6′
Capacity:17 to 40 cubic metres
Tare Weight:2.8 to 4.5 tonnes

Asphalt spec bodies are fabricated from an exclusive GLT aluminium plank, which are injected with heat insulated foam. The inside of the bodies are further lined with 5mm marine grade aluminium. Body widths are customised to suit your needs

Top coamings are also an exclusive aluminium extrusion. These specialised extrusions increase the tub body strength while maintaining exceptional tare weight. All top coamings are either huck riveted or bolted with stainless steel bolts. This method of construction allows the coaming to flex and reduces the risk of cracking.

Bodies are fitted with flip up mud flaps which are synchronised to the tailgate opening.

The rear of the body is equipped with a hydraulic tailgate. The tailgate has a special pivoting design to allow maximum clearance behind as it opens.


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Tarp solutions

Diesel Spray

Your truck body can be fitted a diesel spray unit which is mounted in a custom made aluminium module.

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