Race car transporter


GLT set out to manufacture the most advanced race car transporter in the market. We believe this goal has been achieved.

The majority of the trailer is constructed from aluminium and stainless steel. This makes our trailers rust proof and low tare. The skid plate and suspension module are the only areas where 700 grade steel is used. This material is sand blasted and painted to eliminate rusting. All fixtures and fittings are either aluminium or stainless steel.

Each transporter is custom designed to suit your particular needs. Our cutting edge designs will allow you to maximise space, reduce WHS issues and gives you exceptional resale value. Our transporters are built to a maximum car width of 2,160mm.

All trailers are equipped with a Cummins diesel generator, battery bank, air conditioning, electronic actuated storage doors and Dhollandia hydraulic tailgates as standard. The generator is only needed for powering the air conditioning. All other functions are powered from the battery bank. Trailers can be optioned with our smart device controls which will allow you to control all functions from your phone or tablet.

Trailer and combination types include: rigid body, single semi-trailer and B-Double. Both tandem axle and tri axle variations available.

Technical specs

Transporter - lead

Storage:Multi level – custom
Tare weight:6 to 9 tonnes

Transporter - tag

Lead length:21′ to 30′
Tag length:30′ to 52′
Car capacity:Maximum of 6 cars
Tare weight:7 to 9 tonnes

GLT race car transporters use our own custom aluminium plank extrusion for the walls. These planks are light weight, rust proof, self-supporting and adds considerable strength to overall structure of the transporter.

The outer skin of the transporter can be layered with a fiberglass skin. This layer adds an insulation barrier as well as giving the trailer a seamless clean skin look.

10mm aluminium plate is added to the wall structure either internally or external depending on the interior layout. This plate is used to increase structural strength in special areas.

Floors a fabricated from a mixture of aluminium plank and aluminium plate. A heavy duty rubber dot finish is added to flooring as a standard feature. Other flooring options are available.

All doors for storage areas are electronically controlled and open flat which is handy when parking is tight at the track.


The GLT transport chassis is a custom designed module which is based around the interior goals for the customer.

The main steel modules of the chassis are fabricated from 700 grade mechanical steel. Minor amounts 350 and 250 grade steel small profiles are used for gussets. Each chassis is 3D modelled and laser cut.

Just like all our trailers the edges on flanges are sanded and polished to reduce the chances of cracking and to help paint adhere to the steel. Stainless steel is also used throughout the trailer in critical areas to increase strength and reduce the risk of rusting.

Our chassis are optimised for Hendrickson suspension and axles. Chassis can be made to suit BPW, K-Hitch and SAF brands.

Interior fitout

GLT has a range of interior fit out contractors to select from depending on your requirements and budget.

Your interior fit out contractors work closely with our design team to ensure the final product exceeds your expectations.

The inside of the trailers come standard painted in a two pack paint and floors covered in industrial rubber dot panels. LED lights are used both inside and outside of the trailers.

GLT trailers are designed to handle the harsh Australian conditions. The correct suspension and axle selection is one of the most important factors in the trailers’ ability to survive our unique roads.

GLT chassis are optimised for Hendrickson INTRAAX air bag suspension and Hendrickson axles. Other brands such as BPW, SAF and K-Hitch can also be equipped if requested. GLT is an authorised Hendrickson dealer which allows us to offer greater after-sales support.

Air bag suspension offers better ride quality, low tare weight and simplified ways of reading load weights. The prefered brands which we supply have passed our field testing protocol and have excellent after sales support. All trailers with air bag suspension are equipped with ball valve taps to isolate individual bags. These taps will allow you to shut off an air bag if it has an issue.

Mechanical spring suspension can be fitted to most GLT trailers. K-Hitch KHDO/KHU and FW88 are our preferred suspension models.

Behind the build GLT transporter

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